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Our Company

Adoni Networks Inc is an IT Consulting firm specializing in providing outsource technology support and effective IT solutions for businesses and non-profit organizations in the 7 River Region in a wide variety of industries, including health care, legal, accounting, dental, financial services, education, manufacturing and funeral services.

In 2017, Adoni Networks merged with Gorilla Security, LLC. to strengthen our ability to offer end to end security solutions to our clients. Gorilla Security adds a legacy of proven physical security expertise to the Adoni team including access control, alarm systems, video surveillance and many other low voltage specialties.

Our Mission

Since 2005, Adoni Networks has been providing clients with a comprehensive proactive set of IT managed services, including monitoring, network management and planning, to assist them in fulfilling their business objectives. Adoni Networks provides organizations with access to enterprise-quality tools, technologies, processes and highly-trained technology engineers; we offer the benefits of a large company IT department at an affordable price.


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