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Adoni Networks' team of IT managed services professionals can provide your La Crosse business with knowledge and extensive experience in new technology. We offer:

Managed Services

We can free you from the headaches and frustrations of managing your IT in-house. You'll save money and time, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on building your business. Focus on growing your business instead of struggling with your IT.

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Physical Security

Does your business hold critical data or valuable equipment you need to protect? Gorilla Security can secure your business with Access Control, Video Surveillance, and other Physical Security solutions.

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Data Protection

Is your business prepared for a critical data loss due to a natural disaster or complete system failure? If not, we can help. We can give you the access and data protection you need at an affordable monthly rate, assuring business continuity and giving you peace of mind..

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Cloud Computing

The latest cloud computing technology helps you save money while improving bandwidth and providing full tech support with better data security in one versatile monthly plan.

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Business IT Support

Searching for helpful, local tech support? Look no further. We provide IT support services for small businesses on a per-hour or per-incident basis. Whether you need guidance with hardware and software installation, virus protection and removal, or basic tech support, we can help.

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Vendor Management

Spending too much time attempting to comprehend the "geek speak" that gets tossed around by your IT vendors? Our experts will work with you to assess your business needs and consolidate relationships, getting you the best service at the best price.

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Help Desk

Need access to on-demand IT service? We'll answer your technology questions and get rid of problems so you and your staff stay focused and keep your company going strong.

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Hosting Services

Designing and supporting an IT infrastructure is too expensive for most small businesses. We can assist you by analyzing your needs and offering the tech support, backup and secure data access your company requires to function at its best.

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