Cloud-Based Services

Adoni Networks understands the IT challenges you face.


  • Outgrowing your current infrastructure
  • Limited resources to manage your data and applications
  • Lack of scalability as your business changes and grows

Each situation is unique and requires an expert to customize a cloud-based solution to your business’s needs.

Our team will guide you through every step of your journey to the cloud.

With an internet-based foundation, Adoni Networks’ cloud computing provides your business with a simple, flexible, and affordable IT infrastructure, including tech support all bundled in a monthly program.



With our cloud computing management’s multiple redundant storage facilities, critical business information will be safe from unauthorized access and natural disasters.


You’ll have all the benefits – but none of the problems – of having a data center in-house. No worrying about storage space, the cost of setup, licensing, support, etc.


As your organization needs change, your capacity and capabilities can change with them – and without the need to make a significant capital investment.


Our team of expert IT professionals is available around the clock to observe your systems and answer any questions you have, helping your business run smoothly and efficiently.


Get access to high-level cloud computing management features at reasonable prices. You’ll get server virtualization, data backup and recovery, and remote access to your critical information in one monthly cloud computing service price.

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