Managed IT Services (MSP)

We offer comprehensive server and desktop management to proactively update, back up, and manage all your computers and servers remotely.

Your network is remotely monitored 24/7/365, so issues can be detected before causing a problem.

Server and PC Management

  • Complete software and hardware inventory plus auditing capabilities
  • Optional cloud-based backup and recovery allow for image, file, and folder backup
  • Automated Microsoft Windows patch management and critical operating system updates
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware with automated threat updates*
  • Automated detection of new PCs added to the Domain Network, so they’re quickly under management and desktop maintenance; guest machines can be ignored
  • Secure remote access to address issues identified through alerts
  • Web content filtering

*No anti-virus or anti-malware solution is foolproof. In concert with Adoni’s InsighT anti-virus services, we will help you implement your own set of best practices, which include safe browsing and email procedures.

Patch Management and System Optimization

  • An unpatched PC can be the target of viruses and malware, which can then spread throughout your organization and wreak havoc on employee productivity and security. Patch Management and System Optimization keep your PCs updated with the latest security and critical operating system patches. Implement patches in system software.
  • System optimization tasks such as disk defragmentation or cache cleaning are done regularly to extend the PC’s life and keep it running at peak performance
  • Routine maintenance is generally done after hours, so it doesn’t disrupt users during business hours
  • Desktop management tasks can also be done around the user’s schedule to stay as productive as possible
  • If issues are identified during maintenance, Adoni Networks InsighT can remotely access the PC securely and fix the problem without the user having to be present, keeping your business running efficiently

Asset Inventory and License Management

License keys and hardware inventory are easily documented and tracked through the asset inventory and license management capabilities.

Customized inventory and audit reports are available.

Web Filtering and Threat Protection

Adoni’s InsighT Desktop Management service includes web content filtering designed to protect PCs and other devices with internet access on your network from accessing malicious or unauthorized websites.

This model is shown to reduce the threats of malware such as Ransomware by preventing devices from connecting to known sites, which complete the distribution of these threats.

Additionally, services can be added that provide protection for laptops and devices accessing the internet from public wi-fi networks such as hotels and airports.

Advanced features such as reporting and customized website restrictions are also an option to the base service.

How it Works

Assets are identified using a network discovery tool, and then a background agent is installed on each PC and Server under management.

Proactive maintenance tasks are automated and run regularly.

The team is alerted if there are PCs that require attention (low disk space, new security patch, or missed backup, for example), then our team can log in securely and fix the issue.

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