What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

An IT Managed Service Provider is a company that assists organizations with the IT infrastructure, maintenance, and other technical assistance, along with handling end-user systems, remotely.

Offering services such as technology auditing, remote desktop support, application managed services, among others, IT MSPs ensure business continuity that is key to improving business performance.

Unlike outsourcing, MSPs take a holistic approach in offering technology services that meet your needs.

What’s the difference between Break/Fix and MSP services?

There are the two leading models in IT business support. Break/Fix method is the process of offering IT service support through a fee-for-service model.

Under this model, the client is serviced on demand and billed only for that specific service received.

Managed IT Services refer to the shared responsibility pertaining to an organization’s entire IT ecosystem.

Unlike on-demand assistance in break/fix service, MSPs work to keep the client’s systems and networks well maintained, monitored, secured, and updated proactively.

Why do Businesses need a MSP?

The wide range of services is the prime reason that is driving businesses towards Managed IT Services.

Owing to the rising demands and pace of releases, organizations are taking a closer approach to maintenance and monitoring.

This is when the IT operations demand increased efficiency, improved dependability, enhanced security and compliance, advanced access to emerging technologies, predictable pricing and more.

MSPs take care of these aspects as a shared responsibility taking up some part of the organization’s maintenance and operational burden.

These advantages make Managed IT Services the businesses’ most cost effective and efficient choice.

What makes Adoni Networks different?

Adoni Networks Inc has been one of the early adopters of the Managed IT Services in the regional IT market.

With rich technical expertise, we take a comprehensive approach to Managed IT and have a proven record of delivering high-quality IT support services.

We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and gauge our success by this factor.

We maintain a competitive edge in dealing with every new technology while being abreast of the changing regulatory changes across the verticals we serve.

What is included with Adoni Network MSP?

Adoni Networks Managed Services include a wide range of offerings such as Email Managed Services, Cloud Managed Services, Network and Infrastructure, Security Service and Support Services.

With these service offerings, Adoni ensures enhanced IT posture, improved business continuity, technology expertise, operational efficiency, and improved responsiveness.

How much do managed services cost?

Like most things, the cost of IT services is based on what you need and use.

Managed IT Service costs will depend on how many users, devices and which services are being provided.

We currently offer four tiers of service:

  • Break/Fix
  • Monitoring
  • Hybrid
  • Premium

Additionally, we offer a non-profit discount based on revenue.

At Adoni Networks we invest in a relationship with you to work together and find a service level that meets your needs and your budget.