Backup, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity

Backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions were once something small/medium companies could not afford.

Adoni Network’s backup solutions changed that.

Our local and cloud backup and continuity solutions help you get your data back up and running or keep it up and running in the event of data loss, accidental deletion, server malfunction, local emergency, or regional natural disaster.

With Adoni’s solutions, your business systems are readily available to keep your business running.


Are you looking to enhance your on-premises backup strategy and business continuity posture?

Housing backup equipment and relying on local infrastructure for your critical data can be risky.

Remove the risks and take advantage of the security, resiliency, and geographically diverse options with cloud backup.

Disaster Recovery

With Adoni’s Disaster Recovery solution, your data and applications are continuously replicated to a local device and off-site to redundant data centers, ensuring you can recover and restore your mission-critical applications quickly and from the point in time that your system experienced a failure.

This powerful tool lowers your operational expenses while satisfying audit and compliance requirements.

Asset Inventory and License Management

License keys and hardware inventory are easily documented and tracked through the asset inventory and license management capabilities.

Customized inventory and audit reports are available.

Business Continuity

Is your organization able to handle a catastrophic event and continue to serve clients? Many businesses can’t afford to be down for multiple days or even weeks.

The Adoni team can help put together a comprehensive Disaster Recovery and cyber-resilience strategy to ensure your systems, data, and critical applications are always available.

High Availability

We provide computing environments that provide nearly full-time availability with no performance degradation of production databases, applications, or transactions.

You’ll also enjoy automated failover and testing with the push of a button to mitigate risk.

Test failovers include full remote recovery, and monthly failovers include recovery validation.

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