Learn how to best use your technology tools and stay on top of cybersecurity trends and best practices.

Up-to-date Adoni Education staff will educate your employees on Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, Teams collaboration, and Cybersecurity best practices.

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Microsoft Outlook

Understand Microsoft Outlook Mail and Calendar best practices to work proficiently throughout their day. We’ll showcase best practices for Outlook, including:

  • Folder structure recommendations
  • Contact list recommendations
  • Calendaring preferences
  • Creation of rooms for calendars
  • Calendar prefixes
  • Differences in Online Outlook vs. Desktop Outlook vs. Mobile Outlook

Cyber Security Awareness Training

When employees understand how to identify social engineered or phishing scams, they are prepared to protect your data.

As hackers become more sophisticated and invent new tricks to gain access to login credentials, personal information, or proprietary information, ongoing training will help your employees identify and report these incidents.


Adoni Networks security practice will on-board & manage your Security Awareness Training program:

  • Begin by meeting with staff to train and educate them on Security Awareness
  • Deploy and deliver monthly phishing emails to users
  • Deploy and provide weekly security hints and tips to users
  • Deploy and deliver monthly security awareness training sessions
  • Deliver Monthly Maturity Assessment
  • Specific user training available for a repeated failed phishing test


  • Reduced malware infections
  • Reduced data loss
  • Increased user productivity
  • Users have security top of mind


Pre-paid and hourly hours are available to address special projects, line of business application support, or other out-of-scope services.

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